* UPDATE * Very disappointed to receive a reply from the cabinet this week to say Wilts Council will not support my proposal to seek private funding for pedestrian crossings at Aldi and Spitfire Retail Park. They have made clear they would not approve crossings even if funding is secured.

I am delighted to be able to announce that last night Drynham Cllr Denise Bates was appointed Mayor of Trowbridge 2021-22. Denise has been an impeccable advocate of Drynham and Trowbridge and will be a credit to the legacy of our County Town.

Denise Bates and I would like to extend our sincere thanks to all those who supported us in last week’s elections and re-elected us as Cllrs for Drynham. Our thanks also to all the council officers for their tireless work at what has been an extremely busy and difficult time.

We are delighted the staff and pupils of Holbrook School have allowed us to continue to use the school for council surgeries. No booking is required – just turn up any time between 3.30pm and 5.30pm on Monday 7th June to share any concerns or comments about Drynham or Trowbridge.

A reminder that Cllrs Bryant and Bates are hosting their next Drynham litter pick on Sunday 6th June at 10am. The meeting point will be the corner of Wiltshire Drive and Ramsbury Walk. Litter grabbers can be provided but participants are urged to bring their own gloves.

Whilst door knocking a Drynham resident mentioned she was under the impression Denise and I had given up our efforts for pedestrian crossings in Drynham. Please be assured this is definitely NOT the case. Footfall surveys by Wilts Council failed the threshold for council funding but we are now pursuing alternative funding streams.

Denise and I are pleased to confirm that the row of deceased Leylandii will be removed and replaced with more suitable trees and bushes. The Leylandii were planted without permission many years ago by a previous resident. Thank you to Wilts Council for following up on our request which had been brought to our attention by a local resident.

Denise, Sara and I were delighted to take part in a community pick on Drynham Lane this morning. An alarming amount of litter was bagged! We were also able to pick along Wilts Drive/Bradley Road which were pleasingly cleaner. Thank you to the McDonald’s litter collector who helped us.

LOCAL ELCTIONS for Wiltshire Council and Trowbridge Town Council take place on MAY 6th! Denise and Andrew will be knocking doors daily and we look forward to answering any questions you may have. It has been super to meet so many residents over the past week as we have delivered our latest Drynham FOCUS update. Many thanks for your kind words and continued support. We will also be able to announce our third Drynham Trowbridge Town Council candidate very soon!

Attached below are the first footfall reports to be returned by Wiltshire Council in respect of our request for pedestrian crossings at three locations across the ward – Wiltshire Drive, Spitfire retail park (Bradley Road) and Aldi (Bradley Road).

Denise and I are delighted to be able to announce our third Lib Dem prospective Cllr for Drynham – local resident Sara Heywood. Sara was out in the ward today viewing some of the major issues – traffic on Holbrook Road, Elm Grove and the appalling state of the QEII play area.

UPDATE – I’m sorry to report my request for pedestrian crossings at Aldi/Spitfire retail park have been unsuccessful. If you would like a copy of the comprehensive surveys carried out by Wiltshire Council please contact me. Denise and I will continue to press for these essential crossings.

UPDATE – Residents my be interested to note that from April 1st Drynham will increase significantly in plot size due to changes made by the Boundary Commission. However only a small number of households will join the ward. Please contact me or Denise if we can help you in any way.

NEWSFLASH – There was a case of arson early this morning at the Elm Grove farmhouse. The police and developer are aware. Early indications are that the house will be demolished as it is currently in a very unsafe condition. Wiltshire Council is currently assessing the situation.

Really pleased to be able to share that Drynham Road and Dursley Road are now confirmed to be part of this year’s work schedule in respect of pavements. Sorry this has taken so long. It was requested a long time ago but Wilts Council works on an annual schedule.

Residents may be interested to note the OUTLINE revised application for Elm Grove was recommended no objection (with suggested conditions) at Trowbridge Town Council’s Town Development meeting. It is important to note this is not a planning decision – decisions are made by Wiltshire Council. As chair of this meeting I called for S106/CIL contributions to help mitigate increased traffic within the ward due to the development, an increased buffer around the existing cottages on Drynham Lane and assurance that zero construction traffic will access the site other than from the A363.

JAN 21) The pedestrian footfall surveys in respect of pedestrian crossing points on Wiltshire Drive and Bradley Road have been completed and are currently being assessed.

Thank you to everyone who supported our 3rd Drynham litter and weed pick. It was a fantastic turnout and a great success!